Landscapes Dizziness” is a sensory experience that reminds us of the speed at which we travel through life, often failing to fully immerse ourselves in the moments of natural beauty that surround us. This photographic work celebrates both speed and sensation, attempting to capture the immediacy of experiences and the richness of fleeting sensations.

By deliberately highlighting the lines between movement and stillness, “Landscapes Dizziness” challenges us to find a moment of pause, a space for contemplation amidst our relentless pace. These series, currently broken down into three univers, Railways, Architectural Presence, and Nature's Powerconstitute a poetic work that speaks to our senses and our soul, reminding us of the importance of slowing down, breathing deeply, and opening ourselves to the subtle yet profound wonders of the world around us. By capturing these moments without digital distortion, Michael Bouton offers us a unique perspective on ephemeral beauty and invites us to search for and linger on the journey that is our life.

Like life itself, “Landscapes Dizziness” is a work in constant evolution.

With his series (T)(X) - La Défense, Michael Bouton aims to render the work of everyday builders abstract and poetic This series is part of a more figurative work called ar(T)chitec(X)ture, highlighting his passion for architecture.

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Landscapes Dizziness

Michael Bouton is frequently on the move; time and motion stir him, inspire him, and lead him to play with speed to capture an angle, an architecture, a shape, or a construction. Eager to keep melancholy at bay—a sentiment tied to the helplessness felt as seconds wildly slip away —he pays close attention to the “little things without qualities” that make up the landscape on his travels, investing all his attention and energy into the haphazard capture of reality. While the horizon unfolds slowly before our eyes, what is near us does not always reach our consciousness. Distorted by the speed of passing time, we don’t truly see them. These elements, this ephemeral dimension, are what Michael Bouton strives to convey.

Like the natural process of memory erosion, the artist cannot fight against forgetting, the erasure of what passes too quickly. Through a joyful will, however, he invites us to rediscover the wonders of his journeys; through his abstract, colorful or dark, precise or blurry photographs, somewhere between quasi-impressionist painting and minimalism. With varying degrees of contrast, texture, and clarity, each work is a sample of time, the luminous imprint of a dream. An optical illusion that distorts a moment, a fraction of a second invisible to the naked eye, suddenly spreads across a canvas, where coexist in a single space, the future, the past, and the present.

This physical phenomenon of adjusting the gaze encourages him to value the invisible, so close and imprecise. He transforms this imprecision into formal lines, favoring the vertical aesthetic, that of the “landscape” format… Seeking abstraction without distorting the elements that compose it implies a focus as a challenge in itself. To capture a detail, he is forced to trigger the camera in advance, for an element that already belongs to the past at the precise moment his eye sees it. This challenge is part of the serendipity of his approach: it is always about light, speed, material, and viewpoint.

Ultimately, what interests him lies less in the technical perfection of a photograph as the essence of a relationship to time and space, than in the emotion it can create, all of beauty, transience, and sensuality.

Dive into the Realm of Verticality

At times regular, reassuring, and serene, at other times stroboscopic, chaotic, and crackling, the lines drawn from these journeys come together to create unique canvases, landscapes that are deconstructed and made vertical. With varying degrees of contrast, texture, and clarity, each work is a sample of time.

Each photograph, obtained without montage or digital transformation, results from meticulous observation and the capture of a moment that reveals the complexity of reality. The lines, central elements of his compositions, oscillate between reassuring regularity and stroboscopic chaos, creating visual impressions that are sometimes serene, sometimes electrically chaotic. This approach transforms the usually horizontal horizons where verticality defies the conventions of perspective and composition. The landscapes thus rise as visual narratives of real places, yet almost unrecognizable.

Each of Michael’s works becomes a sample of time, a luminous imprint captured at a given moment. The contrast, material and sharpness of each photograph vary, offering a spectrum of interpretations from clear and precise to dark and murky. These variations are not the result of chance, but of deliberate choices by the artist, who plays with the technical elements of photography to accentuate or attenuate the characteristic features of his subjects.

By refusing any digital manipulation, Michael Bouton stays true to the essence of traditional photography while pushing its boundaries through innovative shooting techniques and deep reflection on composition. In doing so, he invites viewers to reconsider what can be seen and perceived in a fleeting moment, and to find beauty and meaning in the intrinsic and often overlooked structure of our everyday environment.

Stretching the Lines of Time to Last Forever

From this optical play that distorts a moment, from that fraction of a second invisible to the naked eye, unfolds today several series of images that coexist on a canvas, a single space, where the future, the past, and the present intermingle. Michael captures the very essence of a moment, then turns reality on its head to turn it into something else—something more beautiful, simpler, rawer, more vibrant. The artist honors serendipity, his accomplice, at every moment, allowing it to transport us… elsewhere. At full speed, in utter slowness. It doesn’t matter, as long as we feel, as long as we live, as long as these lines make our hearts beat.

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