Landscapes Dizziness” is a sensory experience that reminds us of the speed at which we travel through life, often failing to fully immerse ourselves in the moments of natural beauty that surround us. This photographic work celebrates both speed and sensation, attempting to capture the immediacy of experiences and the richness of fleeting sensations.

By deliberately highlighting the lines between movement and stillness, “Landscapes Dizziness” challenges us to find a moment of pause, a space for contemplation amidst our relentless pace. These series, currently broken down into three univers, Railways, Architectural Presence, and Nature's Powerconstitute a poetic work that speaks to our senses and our soul, reminding us of the importance of slowing down, breathing deeply, and opening ourselves to the subtle yet profound wonders of the world around us. By capturing these moments without digital distortion, Michael Bouton offers us a unique perspective on ephemeral beauty and invites us to search for and linger on the journey that is our life.

Like life itself, “Landscapes Dizziness” is a work in constant evolution.

With his series (T)(X) - La Défense, Michael Bouton aims to render the work of everyday builders abstract and poetic This series is part of a more figurative work called ar(T)chitec(X)ture, highlighting his passion for architecture.

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Blue” immerses us in a visual journey through the captivating and diverse shades of blue. This collection of photographs celebrates the ever-changing essence of water, reflecting the variety of human emotions and the depth of our own introspections. Each image is an ode to tranquility and power, capturing the contrast between the calm surface of the water and its dynamic underlying force.

We are not only exploring the visual beauty of the aquatic element but also engaging in a poetic metaphor about the quest for serenity in the relentless whirlwind of modern life.

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