Landscapes Dizziness” is a sensory experience that reminds us of the speed at which we travel through life, often failing to fully immerse ourselves in the moments of natural beauty that surround us. This photographic work celebrates both speed and sensation, attempting to capture the immediacy of experiences and the richness of fleeting sensations.

By deliberately highlighting the lines between movement and stillness, “Landscapes Dizziness” challenges us to find a moment of pause, a space for contemplation amidst our relentless pace. These series, currently broken down into three univers, Railways, Architectural Presence, and Nature's Powerconstitute a poetic work that speaks to our senses and our soul, reminding us of the importance of slowing down, breathing deeply, and opening ourselves to the subtle yet profound wonders of the world around us. By capturing these moments without digital distortion, Michael Bouton offers us a unique perspective on ephemeral beauty and invites us to search for and linger on the journey that is our life.

Like life itself, “Landscapes Dizziness” is a work in constant evolution.

With his series (T)(X) - La Défense, Michael Bouton aims to render the work of everyday builders abstract and poetic This series is part of a more figurative work called ar(T)chitec(X)ture, highlighting his passion for architecture.

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TX Confluence : An Afternoon in Lyon

The photographic series (T)(X) Confluence by Michael Bouton, captured in the dynamic Confluence district of Lyon, represents a pivotal moment in his photography career. This first series, completed in a single afternoon in 2018, not only revealed his passion for urban areas but also launched his specialized career in architectural photography.

With a bold and colorful approach, Michael transforms the district’s three main buildings into abstract works of art. The vivid colors and bold shapes of the structures are enhanced by photographic techniques that play with perspectives, angles, and reflections. These elements create dynamic compositions where water reflections add an extra dimension, blurring the lines between concrete and reflective, between real and mirrored.

The impact of light, which varies according to the time of day and weather conditions, is crucial in this series. It brings the facades of the buildings to life, turning each photo into a unique and ephemeral visual experience. Shadows and bursts of light enrich each image, offering depth and complexity that celebrate the dynamism between light and matter.


In summary, (T)(X) Confluence is much more than just a photographic series; it marks the beginning of Michael’s exploration in visual art and architectural photography, making each building a powerful symbol of creativity and innovation in the urban landscape of Lyon.

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